The story
of Aqlu

and we are among the major manufacturers of Glazed Vitrified Tiles in India. We produce exclusive technical ceramic Tiles for floors and walls in one of India’s most modern production lines. Our aim is to develop products that leave their mark, used for sophisticated indoor and outdoor architectural projects. With a range of surfaces and many decorations, the ceramic Tiles can be used in a wide range of projects, meeting all kinds of style demands. We consider ourselves a reliable partner for architecture and design firms, offering competence and experience at all levels.


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Our Vision

To be a benchmark in the ceramic sector through excellence in all aspects of our work flow, generating value and continuing to satisfy all stakeholders.

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Our Mission

We work to offer quality ceramic solutions, in a way that is dynamic and close to the client with an international outlook and based on two premises: positioning and value.

We are Making Better Enviroment

Aqlu Ceramic knows we are able to grow in a sustainable way by investing in human capital and in our relationship with the environment and the society around us. We are committed to our environment and the future of our planet. For this reason, our commitment to reducing the environmental impact of our operations includes ensuring both our own facilities and product design contribute to reduced energy consumption.

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