Innovation in our DNA

Research to continuously improve products, installation systems, processes and, in short, all aspects of our work, are crucial factors for competing in a globalize world. The innovative spirit is present in all our departments. A leading company that has its roots in a great deal of experience in manufacturing floors and walls, developed in Morbi in over Eleven Years of business activity. Aqlu is now able to offer highly customizable solutions for excellent surfaces.
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Title Product Advantages

Acid Resistance

Dimensional Stability

Easy Clean

Eco Friebdly


High Durable

Maintenance Free

Slip Resistance

Stain Resistance

Constant Research

Aqlu has its own R&D Department, responsible for research into new aesthetic trends and the latest ceramic manufacturing techniques.This department works together with our suppliers to develop the engineering of new products. The R&D department also works in raw material with our Product Design and Development department on the aesthetic developments which feature the latest trends and innovation.


Our creative process is based on a keen sense of our surroundings and on an understanding of the


We cannot conceive of our business without direct contact with our clients. However, we always go one step further. We connect with companies and talents from any discipline, we establish alliances and synergies, we actively listen and take in each person's vision. Our public's opinion matters to us.


We are a company that always looks towards the future, both in our processes and in our technology, corporate culture and our way of understanding the industry.